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Clove Powder for hair

Clove Powder for hair


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Clove Powder for hair

It is an aromatic plant, its seeds are similar in shape to nails, and their color is red, but when they become dry, the color of its seeds becomes brown, and cloves are known and their medical benefits and what it contains has many aesthetic benefits that it provides to hair and skin

Benefits of Clove Powder for hair

  • One of the most prominent medical benefits that it brings to the body, is those related to hair, so cloves have become an essential material in the preparation of many hair products; As a result of containing a lot of minerals and vitamins, which give hair the following:
  • Extend it over a short period of time.
  • Intensify it, especially if clove oil is used.
  • Restore radiance, luster, freshness and vitality to it.
  • Strengthening its follicles and roots, thus reducing its exposure to many problems, most notably falling and splitting.

Mixes and recipes of ground cloves for hair

Clove water mixture to strengthen hair

  • Boil an appropriate amount of water, add cloves to it and stir for several minutes until the color of the water becomes dark.
  • Remove the water from the fire, let it cool, and leave the cloves soaked in it until the morning of the second day.
  • Filter the cloves well, and fill its water in a clean bottle.
  • rinse hair with the resulting water; To give hair a strong shine, high density, a beautiful scent, and great vitality.

Clove mixture with olive oil to treat hair breakage

This recipe is done by placing a spoon of ground cloves and half a cup of warm olive oil inside a clean jar, stirring it well and leaving the mixture soaked for three weeks.

Clove with rose water, olive oil and castor for hair polishing

This recipe is applied by mixing two tablespoons of ground cloves, half a cup of rose water, one tablespoon of olive oil and another of castor oil, so that the ingredients are stirred together and the mixture is placed on the hair, to be massaged well and left for half an hour, then rinsed with conditioner and water; The result is shiny and lively hair.

Clove tea to remove fat from hair

Put clove tea on the hair warm for about ten minutes, leave it, and then wash it.

Cloves and henna for hair

Clove and henna are two very well-known plants in various countries of the world, and each plant is often used separately for cosmetic, therapeutic, and medical purposes, and the two plants are used together, especially in the treatment of hair problems.

A mixture of cloves and henna for hair growth.

the components

  • Large spoon of crushed cloves.
  • Half a carton of yogurt.
  • Large spoon of ground cinnamon.
  • A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar.
  • Oil cup as available
  • Olive, almond or coconut oil
  • a cup of honey
  • an egg.

How to prepare

Knead the henna first with warm water, then add the rest of the ingredients, and leave it for an hour, preferably in the evening and used in the morning, but it should not be left for more than eight hours. Divide the hair and cover with henna from the roots to the ends, and leave the henna on the hair for five hours, then wash the hair well with water and shampoo.


  • It is recommended to use olive oil without salt so as not to dry the hair
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