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Moroccan green silt

Moroccan green silt


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Moroccan green silt

Moroccan clay is extracted from the Atlas region in Morocco, and inside the Moroccan bath since the oldest services and cleaning, it absorbs fat and dirt because it contains many minerals in different proportions such as magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, copper and zinc.

Benefits of Moroccan green silt

  • Absorbs sebum and dirt accumulated on the face and skin
  • Continuing to use green clay removes blackheads from the facial skin
  • Helps restore balance and luster
  • Moroccan green clay has antiseptic properties that rid the skin of toxins and germs
  • Moroccan green clay treats the problem of acne and pimples on the skin
  • Moroccan green clay strengthens and brightens the skin
  • Removes dead skin from the skin

How to use Moroccan green silt

Mask for all skin types

Mix the Moroccan green clay powder with a little mineral water or rose water until it becomes sticky, then spread the mask on your face with the brush or the fingers of the hand and leave until it dries and becomes firm, while avoiding talking or laughing and expression movements during that, while exercising, then rinse warm and wipe Face with cotton pads moistened with rose water.

Oily skin mask

You can add drops of lemon to the aforementioned Moroccan clay recipe to cleanse fat acne pimples, and after rinsing it cover it with a piece of white gauze moistened with rose water.

dry skin mask

Here, you can add some drops of olive oil and a teaspoon of any skin moisturizing cream to the first mud mixture.

Clay mask for wrinkles and freckles

This is the mask used in the evening and left for an hour on the skin of the face.

Mask for the freshness and coloring of the cheeks

Take 3 tablespoons of Moroccan green clay and mix it with the pomegranate fruits “after grinding them” until it is completely homogeneous and mixed, and an appropriate amount of rose water is placed on it and then painted on the face.

Mask to remove the effects of pimples from the body

White turmeric powder, and some grains, began to dry out, after a while he will notice, the grains began to dry.

  • Package size is 100 grams
  • And it arrives to you from the accessories store.
  • The product and gift will be delivered right to your door.

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