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Moroccan beauty Desert Group with Camel's hump and milk


Moroccan beauty Desert Group with Camel's hump and milk

Exclusively in the Arab world, Zina store offers you 6 products from the heart of the Moroccan desert. It is a group of pure natural products inspired by the traditions of the Moroccan desert and extracted mainly from camel milk and camel seed, which has proven its effectiveness through the ages and is still used today.

This group is one of the secrets of the Moroccan Sahara and was used as a traditional recipe by the traditional grandmothers and mothers of Morocco.

Benefits of Moroccan beauty Desert Group with Camel's hump and milk

  • It truly treats the problem of dry skin
  • You solve the problem of split ends of hair
  • It treats the problem of many girls, which is the damage to the skin and hair caused by the fluctuations of the weather
  • It has great solutions extracted from the heart of the Moroccan desert for skin and hair problems
  • One of the best that the Moroccan Sahara has extracted for us

Ingredients and benefits of Moroccan beauty Desert Group with Camel's hump and milk

Camel milk shampoo

It contains camel milk, which is the main ingredient in nourishing hair, nourishing the scalp, and working to maintain hair follicles from volatile weather

 Camel milk shower gel

It cleanses and exfoliates the skin at the same time and restores vitality to dull skin because it helps to exfoliate the skin

Nourished as well as gives the skin a smooth texture

 Hand and feet cream with camel seed

Nourishes the skin, prevents dryness and prevents the appearance of cracks

 Soap with camel milk and camel peak

It works to soften the skin and its clarity and also works on exfoliating and lightening the skin and relieving many of the

Skin problems such as pimples and pimples and removes dark spots

Camel seed peeling and masking cream

Cleanses and purifies the skin and removes excess sebum for healthy, radiant skin

Camel seed face cream

Normally dry and sensitive skin to its purity and moisture, especially during daily use

In the event that you do not like the group, you can get a refund

Quick and easy return in case the product does not meet the specifications


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