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Moroccan Hammam Group for body whitening

Moroccan Hammam Group for body whitening


Moroccan Hammam Group for body whitening

Morocco is famous for its baths, where you can enjoy all its benefits in a comfortable environment with the aim of obtaining a white body and making sure that the Moroccan bath works every week at home. It is white and uniform in color, free from traces of pigmentation

The total of Moroccan Hammam Group for body whitening consists of 8 products and they are

              The benefits of a Moroccan Hammam Group for body whitening

              The Moroccan hammam has many benefits for health and skin, including:

              • body cleaning. Aromatherapy
              • Remove toxins from the skin.
              • Smoothing and purifying the skin. Stimulating the immune system.
              • Relaxation and stress relief. Relax tired muscles
              • Remove the layer of dead skin cells. Reducing cellulite.
              • Treats dry skin. Treats acne
              • Treats psoriasis. Treats joint pain. Treats skin infections.
              • Treats eczema. Treats wrinkles
              • A powerful moisturizer for the skin. Fades stretch marks
              • The Moroccan bath is used twice every 15 days
              • Attached is the set of how to make a Moroccan bath at home in detail
              • Attached to your order is a gift provided by Zina Moroccan and natural beauty products store
              • Buy now and you will get a gift with your order provided by Zeina Store.
              • The product and gift will be delivered to your door.

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