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Al Wadaa group for dark areas

Al Wadaa group for dark areas


Alwada group for dark areas

The wada is the seashells or small sea snails that we find on the beach and was used by grandmothers in the old days in Morocco, then the recipes were transferred to the girls in Morocco, provided that the wadi was crushed.

Alwada group for dark areas of the body consists of 6 products:

Benefits of a group of goodies for dark areas

  • Alwada group nourishes the skin and protects it from dryness
  • Cocoa milk guarantees you soft and hydrated skin
  • The farewell is considered a cure for melasma on the face, chest, and all areas of the body
  • Buttermilk works to whiten the body and neck
  • The cream and indigo gives the skin freshness, vitality and serenity and rids it of black and brown spots
  • Treats acne and blackheads
  • Delays the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging such as fine lines on the face
  • Blue Indigo works to lighten and whiten the skin and get rid of the effects of the sun from the first use
  • It gives the skin an attractive scent and velvety softness, as many Moroccan women use it
  • Blue Indigo helps to get rid of the darkening of the knees and joints and unify the color of the body
  • Removes skin pigmentation
  • Soap size is 75 grams.
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