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Moroccan soap with thyme

Moroccan soap with thyme


Moroccan soap with thyme

Moroccan soap with thyme is known for its great benefits on the skin and is composed of thyme: the mountain king, and an anti-oxidant for its richness with important elements as it has the property of cleaning and stimulating blood circulation. It is usually used to eliminate infections and skin problems, which consists of olive oil, thyme oil, distilled water

Benefits of Moroccan soap with thyme

Moroccan municipal soap with thyme extracts removes dead skin and dead cells and regenerates skin cells

Moroccan soap with thyme extract works to tone the skin of the body and lighten dark areas

Municipal soap with thyme extract removes all impurities that clog the skin pores

Makes the body completely ready to rub with the Moroccan fiber

It removes all dirt to show the skin clean and soft

Municipal soap with thyme extract removes toxic fats from the body

How to use Moroccan soap with thyme

The bathroom is prepared in a good and comfortable home with all the ports closed to increase the steam capacity in order to lighten the pores of the skin, and sit inside the bathroom for a period of 10: 15 minutes to warm the skin well and secrete sweat and open the pores of the skin, then the body paints Moroccan soap with the islands of Zina for cosmetic products Moroccan to come the role of the Moroccan fiber, and it is preferable that someone helps you during the use of the Moroccan fiber to scrub the entire areas of the body from the back, front, face and neck "lightly on the face and neck" and you will see for yourself how much fat, dirt and dead skin that comes out of the body, then clean the body completely by bathing with water Hot

Note :

·       Avoid touching Moroccan soap to the eyes and lip boundaries

·       Moroccan soap is suitable for all skin types

·       You can hydrate your body with drops of Moroccan argan oil

·       The package size is 400 grams

·       The method of use is available with the product

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