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Blue nila handmade soap

Blue nila handmade soap


Blue nila handmade soap

The desert nila is considered the secret of the secrets of whitening, as the use of Blue nila
 for the skin is one of the ancient Moroccan rituals, especially for those who live in the desert. They massage the skin of the bride’s body with it for 3 days before the wedding date, so her skin becomes more shiny and fresh.
Benefits of Blue nila handmade soap
  • Blue nila soap works to lighten and whiten the skin and get rid of the effects of the sun from the first use.
  • Blue nila soap removes skin sagging.
  • Blue nila gets rid of melasma, blackheads and excess sebum as it cleans the skin deeply and from within.
  • It gives the skin an attractive scent and velvety softness.
  • Its benefits are amazing and noticeable to tighten sagging skin.
  • Use on beautiful areas of the body such as the buttocks, elbow and neck.
  • Blue nila helps to get rid of the darkening of the knees and joints and unify the color of the body.
  • Helps permanently get rid of pigmentation and dark spots on the body and face.
  • Gives your skin freshness, radiance and tight skin free of fine lines.

How to use Blue nila handmade soap

Nila desert soap is used three times a day on clean skin.
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