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Ras el hanout - msakhin herbs

Ras el hanout - msakhin herbs


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Msakhen Herbs - Ras El Hanout

Ras El Hanout is one of the most famous spices known in Morocco and is used in most dishes where it gives them a delicious flavor. It is made from several spices that are ground together to get Ras El Hanout, which is simply a varied blend of all dried and powdered spices.

Benefits of Msakhen Herbs - Ras El Hanout

  • Ras El Hanout gives vitality and energy to the body.
  • It helps strengthen the heart muscle and arteries.
  • It increases the production of milk in mothers after childbirth.
  • Used to treat symptoms of colds as it expels phlegm and treats influenza.
  • Strengthens the joints and helps in treating rheumatism.
  • Helps in sexual performance and is better than medications that perform the same role.
  • Strengthens the nerve fibers and increases their durability and maintains the performance of the digestive system due to the presence of nutmeg.
  • Helps regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Also increases fertility in women and men and therefore treats pregnancy delay.
  • Helps boost immunity and greatly develops it.
  • Helps regulate blood circulation and increase the production of red blood cells and therefore treats anemia.

How to Use Msakhen Herbs - Ras El Hanout

Ras El Hanout is like the well-known kitchen spices and is used in known dishes in the winter season.

  • People with high blood pressure are advised to consume it in small quantities
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