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Aloe Vera Serum Oil

Aloe Vera Serum Oil


Serum with cactus oil

Hair Serum with Cactus Oil is a Serum and Gel in one, 100% natural without chemicals, hair treatment from decontamination.

Moroccan Serum with Cactus oil is a nutritious serum, a treatment for damaged hair, and also a hair conditioner.

Benefits of hair serum with cactus oil

Nourishes and strengthens hair because it contains vitamins A & C & B & E.

Contains minerals that provide the necessary nutrition for hair and scalp, and it is very useful for hair growth properly.

Reduces the excess of natural oils in fatty hair.

Contains amino acids that give the hair the proteins needed to have healthy and fast-growing hair.

Restores the beauty and elegance of dull and strained hair.

Solves the problem of hair loss and give intensified hairs.

How to use Serum with cactus oil

Put 5 gouts of the cactus oil on the palm of the hand, and placed it on hair washed and dried. Then left it on the hair.

Do not wash the hair after placing the serum.

Note :
  • Pack size 50 ml
  • Buy now and you will get a gift from the Zina Store
  • The product and gift will arrive at your door.

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