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Moroccan Soqla

Moroccan Soqla


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The Moroccan Saqla is 100% natural and is used by the Moroccan bride as the most important ritual in her bath before the wedding for whitening and removing dead cells from her entire body. It is a mixture of a range of herbs and legumes like Dad grass, desert indigo, lavender, ground beans, and chickpeas, prepared appropriately by the most skilled Moroccan specialists and herbalists.

Benefits of Moroccan Saqla:

  • Whitens the body and lightens its color
  • Removes dead cells and impurities in the body
  • Smooth and more radiant skin and healthier skin
  • Lightens dark areas in the body such as the neck
  • Also lightens the color of the knees and elbows on the body
  • It has wonderful benefits for the body

How to Use Moroccan Saqla:

Prepare a well-arranged and eye-relaxing bath at home, close all inlets to increase steam capacity, sit inside the bath for 10-15 minutes to warm the skin, secrete sweat, and open skin pores.

Mix the Moroccan Saqla with rose water or Moroccan soap, and apply it on your body before every bath for 10 to 15 minutes. Then scrub your body and rinse it with hot water. After that, use the Moroccan loofah. It's recommended to have someone assist you while using the Moroccan loofah to scrub all body areas, including the back, front, face, and neck, lightly. You'll see the amount of fats, dirt, and dead skin being removed from your body, for you to have a smooth and white skin, and you'll soon notice the difference.


After using the Moroccan Saqla and thoroughly rinsing the body, you can moisturize your body with drops of argan oil.

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