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frankincense dhikr For skin

frankincense dhikr For skin


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frankincense dhikr For skin

frankincense dhikr, or what is known as kandar, is a gum that is produced from some trees. It can be eaten by chewing it like chewing gum, or by soaking it with water and drinking it. It has great benefits on health and skin. It helps reduce acne and remove wrinkles, and it can also be used. as incense; Burning it gives a pleasant and refreshing aroma; The ancient pharaohs used its incense to believe in its ability to expel evil spirits, the eye, touch and envy that might afflict a person in his lifetime.

Benefits of frankincense dhikr For skin

  • frankincense dhikr contributes to reducing acne problems
  • Removes wrinkles in the area
  • Frankincense works to tighten the skin
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Frankincense helps fight aging
  • Contributes to wound healing

How to use frankincense dhikr For skin

An appropriate amount of frankincense dhikr is placed in a little water and left on a low heat until it boils, and after it cools, it is mixed with a little rose water and this mixture is used to wash the skin twice a day.
  • It is not recommended to use it during pregnancy, as it does not act as an astringent and may cause bleeding
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