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Rose Water

Rose Water


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Rose Water

Rose water is extracted from natural Moroccan roses by boiling water, adding rose petals, and closing it completely, followed by extracting the distilled rose water.

Benefits of rose water for the skin:

- Soothes the skin, reduces redness and irritation

- Anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting properties

- Contains antiseptic properties for skin

- Cleans skin pores and effectively removes excess oil

- Effective treatment for eye fatigue, wrinkles, and dark circles

Benefits for oily skin:

- Balances skin's pH level

- Treats acne

- Reduces under-eye puffiness

- Can be used as a skin mask alone or combined with moisturizers or natural oils

How to use rose water:

- As a mask combined with Moroccan clay

- Few drops on a cotton pad and left on the eyes for 15 minutes to treat eye fatigue and dark circles

- After face wash, apply directly to skin to act as a skin cleanser

- Add to bathwater for softer, radiant skin and a pleasant aroma

- To treat dark circles, mix 250 ml of rose water with 50 ml of apple vinegar and a couple of drops of essential oil. Keep in a cool, dry, dark place for three weeks then use around the eyes once or twice a day using a cotton ball.

- To tighten pores, mix two spoons of apple vinegar and four small spoons of mint in a bowl and leave it for a week at room temperature. Then add a cup of water and 350 ml of rose water. Store the mixture in a clean glass container and apply a small amount once or twice a day using a cotton ball.


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