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Snail serum gel for Face wrinkles

Snail serum gel for Face wrinkles


Snail Gel Serum for Facial Wrinkles

Snail serum aids in wound healing due to its chemical component called allantoin. Rich in snail gel extracts and vitamin C, it not only rejuvenates cells but also combats skin damage, addresses facial indentations, moisturizes, and smoothens the skin. It is a remedy for wrinkles, acne, and pimples, and it soothes skin inflammations and redness, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Benefits of Snail Gel Serum for Facial Wrinkles

- Hydrates the skin, improving its texture and elasticity.

- Tightens the skin, combating wrinkles and signs of aging.

- Enriched with vitamins and minerals that rejuvenate cells.

- Corrects skin imperfections, restoring its glow and treating makeup effects.

- Provides a smooth, radiant, and healthy appearance to the skin.

- Moisturizes the face, treats skin dryness, and protects it from cracking.

- Eliminates signs of fatigue and stress under the eyes, reducing dark circles.

- Abundant in antioxidants that tighten the skin, giving it a refreshing and everlasting youth.

How to use Snail Gel Serum for Facial Wrinkles

The serum should be used daily, both in the morning and evening, on clean skin after washing the face with warm water.


  • Snail gel serum is suitable for all skin types. 
  • Packaging size: 120 ml. 
  • Order now and receive a complimentary gift with your purchase from Zeina's store.

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