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Blue clay

Blue clay


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Blue clay
Blue clay contains many natural elements and vitamins that are important for skin health. It has been used in many skin treatments since ancient times, especially among the ancient Egyptians because of its benefits in maintaining the freshness of the skin.

Blue clay benefits

Blue clay has a great ability to heal infected wounds
It acts as a natural antibiotic in the fight against microbes
It gets rid of excess oil in the skin
Blue clay deeply cleanses the skin
Blue clay gets rid of acne
It gives the face a lot of freshness and vitality
How to use blue clay
Blue clay is kneaded with a little mineral water, until it becomes viscous, and the higher the viscosity, the better the effectiveness of the clay on the face. This clay paste is placed on the face with a brush, and after it dries, it is wiped with a cotton pad moistened with rose water, and washed with lukewarm water.
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